Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017 CampNaNoWriMo winner!

For the month of April, I set myself a word count goal of 30,000 words to finish The Wolf You Feed, which is book two of my werewolf trilogy. I reached that goal (30,070  words actually) on Saturday night, a whole day early!

Monday, April 3, 2017

March 2017 goals roundup

You know that saying, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? I remember doing construction paper lion/lamb faces, curling the paper for the lamb's wooly curls. However, that saying has little relevance on the March I just had, which came in like a lion and went out in much the same way, leaving us all thankful we didn't get eaten. Granted, lions tend to only eat people if there's something wrong with them (the lions, not the people), which is ultimately what that Val Kilmer movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" is about, based on the book The Man-Eaters of Tsavo (free on Kindle, it's been in public domain for years and years), which is an interesting book indeed and more about hunting for fun than the lions themselves or the tribulations of finishing that particular brand of a railroad.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 2017: goals complete!

In February, I wrote not one but two! short stories .Both were the product of my writing workshop at the library, actually.

With the first one (as yet untitled. Tell me you're surprised, I dare you), the writing prompts I used just hung together well enough to keep the same narrative thread going. It kidna sorta takes place in the same real-world-but-witchy that "Sugar and Spice" (published in Sockdolager Summer 2016 issue, fantastic review of it by Charles Payseur here at Quick Sip Reviews. I am unused to being reviews, and it was very nice and insightful.) does.

Incidentally, I miss summer. Do you miss summer?

The second story came from a "write a complete story" prompt. I bought a spandy new Rider-Waite deck and passed it around, telling people to draw three cards and use them as their inspiration. Beginning, middle, end. Whatever. My story turned out as actual second world fantasy, which isn't something I end up with very often, and I feel like it only needs a couple of tweaks before it's ready to be submitted.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looking back on January 2017: how'd I do?

White rabbits!

It's February already!

January went well. I wrote a story, currently titled "The Mountain's Wife", and really it might just stay that way. It's not quite ready to be sent out yet...there's something it needs, and I'm not sure what. So it waits.

I also got over my "reader's block" a bit and read three books! I've added the pages "Readings 2017", and I'm keeping track not only of the books I've read, but also the short stories, poems, and longer articles. I realized that for one, even when I'm not finishing books it doesn't mean I'm entirely not reading and two, it'd be nice to keep track of those great stories, etc. that I read for if/when I want to refer back to them.

The book I read most recently was Eelgrass, by Tori Curtis , who blogs here and tweets here and is in my writing group, so I did kind of cheat by being able to read/hear some of the novel before it was published. Also, I did a livetweet as I read, which I've collected via Storify.

So, if you like fantasy, and selkies, and the ocean, and #ownvoices novels, definitely have a look at Eelgrass (currently available in paperback and on Kindle).